Image Guidelines

We welcome historical images from all over the world and from collections large and small, public and private. However, because of our specific goal in building SepiaTown, there are some images that are not appropriate for SepiaTown. Please observe the following guidelines when deciding whether to upload an image.

We'd appreciate it if you would refrain from uploading the following types of images...

  • Image Age
    We feel that 30 years represents a decent enough span of time to see real changes in an environment. As of now, in 2023, that means nothing more recent than 1993. If your image is newer then that, we ask that you hang on to it and submit it when it's old enough for our site.
  • Location Accuracy
    We try to provide an accurate image of the world as it used to look. Please be sure that you are able to map your image to within a block of accuracy before uploading to SepiaTown.
  • Interior Images
    Interior images are acceptable if they are of public spaces, of a historically important event, of a private residence of particular interest (e.g - a historically important home) OR a scene that so perfectly captures a time and place that many people would find it particularly interesting.
  • Portraits
    While family photos can be fun to look at and share, SepiaTown exists primarily to show how places change over time. Please only upload images which are primarily portraits if they either show a good amount of a location, or are of a person or an event of significant historical interest.
  • Graphic Subject Matter
    One of our primary functions is educational, and we want to be sure that the the content in our images is generally viewable by all ages. Violent or sexual imagery, although it may have historical significance, is rarely appropriate on SepiaTown.

    In the future we hope to build a filtering system that will allow for the uploading of images that are an important part of history but not appropriate for all ages.

    If you have questions about a particular image, please feel free to contact us.
  • Ownership
    Do not upload an image unless you (or someone who has granted you permission) are the copyright holder OR the image is in the public domain OR the image has been given a creative commons licenses that makes it acceptable to upload AND you follow all the protocols for that license (include source info, license info, etc.).

For more detailed info about our policies see our Terms of Service

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