Privacy Policy

We take the privacy of your personal information seriously. Here is some information regarding user privacy while visiting SepiaTown. If you have any questions about these or other privacy matters as it pertains to SepiaTown, please contact us.

Member/Visitor Information

If you have shared your email address and/or other personal information with us, by becoming a registered member of SepiaTown or through some other means, under no circumstances will we share or sell your information to other parties without explicitly receiving permission from you to do so.

Any information that you share in the process of uploading an image will be associated with that image and will become available for others to see if they view the image you uploaded. If you do not wish for information to be made public, do not include it as part of an image upload.

Log Files

As with most other websites, we compile data about the usage of our site. This information includes requesting IP addresses, browsers used to visit the site, the timestamps of page requests, and whether or not the request was processed correctly by our application or if an error occurred.


In 2010, we began to systematically remove the usage of cookies from our core application code. As of today, the only time we use cookies is to maintain the type of map you choose to navigate; i.e., street map, satellite imagery, or the hybrid mode. That said, we do rely on some third party technologies that make use of cookies. Bottom line is SepiaTown does not use cookies to retrieve or store any information about you or your non-SepiaTown computer usage.